ESTHER Röling - HK pollution map

In May 2017 Esther Röling together with Paul Niel climbed around the entire coastline of Hong Kong Island. During their 6 day adventure they encountered huge amounts of pollution and photo logged 163 trash sites which were subsequently shared on and also in their film documentary “The Loop”

The pollution map sparked the idea to run a bigger event around the findings to engage the general public to take action.

Esther Röling is an avid outdoors lover, trail runner and climber.

For the last year Esther and Paul have shared their adventure through talks and the documentary "The Loop" in order to raise awareness about plastic pollution.

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Founder and Director of Ecoed Life, Sole Riestra is an organisational development and learning professional, sustainability practitioner, cultural and societal change seeker. 

With +15 years of experience and a lifelong commitment towards helping individuals and organisations bring about change within themselves and in society, Sole Riestra brings her expertise on personal, group and leadership development,  as well as research on human behaviour change on sustainable living to the creation, design and execution of the Adventure Clean Up Challenge.