Formed in 2018 by Liza Avelino, Filipino Dynamos represents the hopes and ambitions of each of its members. Overcoming bias and difficult circumstances, these women have created something unique to the dragonboat racing scene in Hong Kong. In a short span, the Dynamos have through their grit, determination and hard work been able to grab eyeballs, win races and make themselves, their community, their home country and their second home in Hong Kong proud.

Team description

Filipino Dynamo are a group of women who are working as foreign domestic workers in the city. We are into dragonboating, high altitude mountaineering, hiking, trailrunning and rock climbing. Our love for the outdoors is what drives us to become advocates in preserving our natural environment and our planet.

What makes you a winning team?

Our team participated in this meaningful event not because we want to win, it is out of passion, love for the environment and love for Hong Kong. To be able to form a team and get out there is already a victory. For us, winning the competition is just a bonus.

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