Our Mission

Raise awareness in relation to waste and coastal contamination and the personal actions we can take to reduce/minimise this in the future, doing so:

  • In a compelling, fun, adventurous way

  • Leveraging on our sporty community that loves outdoor challenges

  • Focusing on practical, experiential action to bring about sustaining change in the participants, communities involved and the audience 

The challenge

Hong Kong Island has around 80 km of coastline of which large parts are coastal cliffs. The easy accessible beach sites are getting cleaned on a regular basis by government services and community organised beach clean ups. The majority of coast and cliffs are more remote and harder to reach by the general public. Trash has been collecting in these areas for years.  

The adventure

Between April 27th and May 20th 2019, 6 teams will challenge each other to clean specific, less accessible coastal areas on HK Island.

Each team will record and share evidence of their actions throughout the month and at the end of the challenge.

A panel of event judges will revisit the evidence and choose a winner

THE PRIZE: 10.000 HKD worth of Patagonia products for the winning team

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